Sponsorship Opportunities

Member Events

Our member events are held once a month throughout the year. We select sponsors in May/June prior to our year starting in July for the entire year. If there are events added throughout the year, there may be later opportunities for sponsorship. 

Sponsorship levels each have their own privileges. Our highest level is Platinum at $1000 to Bronze at $250. Platinum sponsorship ensures you are the only sponsor at the event, you have speaking time and can stay for the duration of the event, and gives your first selection for that same event again next year, along with other perks. 

Please see attached form for the breakdown of sponsorship levels for events.

Note: If payment for sponsorships is not received in a timely manner, we reserve the right to give your sponsorship another interested party. Please do not send payment until we have communicated with you that the date you wish to sponsor is available. Thank you!

Welcome Packet Advertisement

Every year the Welcome Packet is created by our group and disbursed to over 300 medical residents and fellows at UNMC and Creighton. Many incoming families use this as a tool to find local professionals and learn about Omaha. We also keep this welcome packet on our website throughout the year.

Ads are full page and color. The first round is sent out in January, therefore we request all advertisements and payment be in prior to December 1st to allow for us to compile the packet.

Advertisement Pricing:

$150 per advertisement

$200 for preferred location (first advertisement listed for type of business). 

Please click the button below to submit your interest. 

Website Presence

If you wish to be listed on our website or have direct emails/ads sent to our members for events and specials, please contact omahahoaa@gmail.com for opportunities. Thank you!