HOAA - House Officers Association Alliance

Welcome to The UNMC & Creighton Medical Spouse Group

Our goal is to build a community for the medical resident and fellow spouses in the Omaha area.


What is HOAA?

HOAA stands for "House Officers Association Alliance." We were founded as an alliance group to complement the House Officers Association (HOA) at UNMC, which still exists today. At UNMC, residents and fellows are called "House Officers" which is where the name originated. 

As for us, we are a group of spouses of medical professionals in training who are from all parts of the country at both UNMC and Creighton. We host monthly member events and playgroup events for those with kids, and have special interest groups for those who are interested. 

Regardless of if you are here for a few more months, or have a decade left of training, we would love to hear from you. We have men and women in our group, those with children and those without, and those who stay home and those who work. We are brought together by our experiences through the medical training journey which cannot be explained to someone who hasn't experienced it.

If you are recently matched here, welcome to Omaha! We can't wait to meet you. Take a moment to check out our membership page to learn more about our events, membership types, and how to join!